The Solar Power World Top Solar Contractors list includes Charlotte based solar firm

Charlotte, North Carolina; Jul 24, 2019 —With renewable energy expected to be the fastest growing source of U.S. electricity generation for at least the next two years, local solar installer Accelerate Solar is happy to be contributing to the country’s energy mix. Accelerate Solar has been recognized by Solar Power World magazine for its installation efforts, achieving a nationwide rank of 98thamong the top residential solar companies on the magazine’s 2019 Top Solar Contractors list. Accelerate Solar also ranked as the 229th largest national EPC solar contractor. Up 81 spots from a year ago!

The Top Solar Contractors list is developed by Solar Power World to recognize the work completed by solar contractors across the United States. Produced annually, the Top Solar Contractors list celebrates the achievements of U.S. solar developers, subcontractors and installers within the utility, commercial and residential markets, and ranks contractors by kilowatts installed in the previous year.

Solar Power Worldenjoys assembling the Top Solar Contractors list each year, and our 2019 edition features hundreds of companies making big impacts in local energy markets,” said Kelly Pickerel, editor in chief of Solar Power World. “Solar power is becoming competitive with traditional electricity sources in more markets, and cities and states are demanding more renewable energy options. It’s a great time to be a solar installer, and we’re happy to highlight the best installation companies in the country on our list.”

The U.S. solar market is expected to see 14% growth in 2019, with over 12 GW of new solar power added to the grid this year — enough to power 2.28 million average American homes. This increase in installations is attributed to strong residential solar interest and a rush to get projects in before the 30% federal investment tax credit steps down to 26% next year.

“The market expansion throughout the Southeast United Sates and beyond has allowed for exceptional growth year over year. The ability to show these new markets our commitment to high quality installations has fostered the effect of growing this company and allowed us to create relationships with those businesses and homeowners who see the brilliant advantages of owning their power,” said Patrick Wylie, VP Accelerate Solar.

The emerging energy storage market will also influence solar installations going forward. In markets that encourage grid service applications like time-of-use (TOU) shifting, self-consumption and backup power, battery systems paired with solar arrays are attractive options for home and business owners looking to save costs. Solar Power World included the first Solar+Storage Installer sublist in the 2019 Top Solar Contractors edition in recognition of solar installers’ early efforts at coupling the two technologies for customers.

Accelerate Solar has roots in battery backup and off-grid energy storage systems. Since inception we’ve contracted with private companies, government entities, and homeowners to install and maintain numerous energy storage configurations. Give Accelerate Solar a call if you need a small reliable emergency backup system or are in need of a micro-grid platform capable of islanding and powering your organization from the grid during long power outages.

Accelerate Solar employs 22 workers who installed over 2,000kW of solar power in 2018. Since its founding in 2012, the company has installed over 7,000 kW of solar. Accelerate Solaris passionate about the well-being of our planet, our nation, and the community lifeblood of commerce created by local businesses. And because we want our grandchildren to like it here! Which is why we make solar energy more accessible to everyone by offering a highly customized, clean, proven personal power plant. Solar power is a repeatable, reliable return on investment because we’re the only company with the Total Energy Output Guarantee.

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