Is My Building Solar Ready?

Commercial buildings with available roof or ground space are all that is needed for solar to work for your business.  Our systems can be mounted on any southern facing roof type and are ballasted on flat roofs meaning no penetrations.

commercial roof solar

We inspect every commercial roof before moving forward on any projects. If there is a need to replace all or part of the roof the ideal time to do so is before installing solar.

Full System Monitoring

solar System Monitoring

Monitor your real-time system performance from the palm of your hand. Accessible for free, anytime, anywhere, from your computer or mobile device.

More Energy

Ask about power optimizers to maximize production from each solar module to eliminate power losses that can be caused by soiling, shading, or snow. More power = more revenue for faster system payback and lower electricity bills.

Making Solar Systems Smarter

All inverter technology utilized by Accelerate Solar is equipped with state of the art data monitoring that communicates with the you, Accelerate Solar and the manufacturer.  This monitoring includes nearly real time information about your systems production.  This smart technology will notify everyone when maintenance is required.  

Long-Term Warranties

Our commercial solar equipment is built for lasting performance. Protect your investment with warranties amongst the longest in the industry: 25 years for solar panels, 25 years for solar power optimizers, 10 years for solar inverters (ask us about extendable warranties).

Advanced Safety

Our commercial solar equipment provides peace of mind with built-in safety features compliant with the most advanced safety standards, for maximum protection of people and property.

Future-Proofed Solutions

Put a down payment on your future with Accelerate Solar. Enjoy easy upgrades to battery storage, EV charging, and other cutting-edge smart energy capabilities.

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