Steps to Designing My System

Steps to Designing My System

Steps to Designing Solar System
  • We require 12 months of actual electrical bills for commercial solar projects. The reason for this is because every commercial system is not only different in energy history but also in rate schedule, peak demand, and unique fees.
  • Once electric bills are gathered, we send them to be analyzed by Energy Toolbase who creates a specific rate schedule for the client.
  • Upon receiving the rate schedule, a design is created to maximize production while following electrical & structural code guidelines, while also being aesthetically pleasing.
  • A proposal is generated and presented to the client and any design changes are discussed as well as financial opportunities.

Cost Saving Maintenance

Cost Saving Solar Maintenance
  • Free module-level monitoring for system lifetime
  • Full control of your assets
  • Module-level performance monitoring and remote maintenance lead to:
    • Less trips to site and less time spent on site
    • Higher system uptime
  • Complete system status on your mobile device

Secure Your Investment

Rest easy at night with an investment in a solar energy system from Accelerate Solar through our 3 year production guarantee within 5% of our proposal projection and our 5 year workmanship warranty.


  • Low cost solar inverter replacement out of warranty
  • Future solar panel compatibility (replacement and extension)
  • New solar panels can be utilized in the same string with old ones

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