Over the last decade, solar energy has grown by about 50 percent.

It’s safe to say that solar is the way forward to a more sustainable and economical world.

One of the best ways to get involved in the solar movement is to install solar panels on your home, but you might be asking yourself, “how many solar panels do I need to power my house?”.

Keep reading to find out!

Calculating How Many Solar Panels You Need to Power Your House

There are three things to consider before jumping into the number of solar panels needed for your home. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do this by yourself! You can always put away your calculator and give us a call instead. 

Determine Your Home’s Energy Consumption

The size of your home really doesn’t matter when it comes to calculating the number of solar panels you need. What’s really important is how much energy your house uses.

Two houses with the same square footage might have vastly different solar panel needs because of their energy consumption.

The best way to determine just how much electricity your home uses is to check your electric bills or reach out to your provider directly. They’ll be able to give you an average amount.

You can also reach out directly to Accelerate Solar for a free quote. A member of the team will help walk you through the process.

Calculate Peak Sunlight Hours

Calculating peak sunlight hours for your area is vital because it helps you to determine just how much energy your solar panels will actually collect in a day.

Keep in mind that this isn’t just daylight, but the amount of solar energy that’s available on a typical day. Solar panels can collect energy even on cloudy days, although they won’t be as successful as on sunny days.

The easiest way to determine the number of peak sunlight hours for your area is to use an online calculator. 

Find Your Daily Wattage

On your energy bill, you should see something that says kilowatt-hours or kw-hours and the period that this represents (month, week, year etc). If it’s already per day, you’ve got what you’re looking for. However, if your wattage is over a week, month, or year, divide it by the appropriate number (7, 28, 365) to determine your daily wattage.

Now you can start exploring your solar panel options. You want your solar panels to equal (or exceed) the number of kilowatt-hours used in a day. Different solar panels will create different amounts of energy, so how many solar panels you need for your house will vary based on panel size and home energy consumption.

Let Us Do the Work

Calculating how many solar panels you need to power your house is confusing and we understand that you probably don’t want to spend your valuable time trying to get ahold of your electric company.

Let us here at Accelerate Solar do the work for you. Whether you’re a residential, commercial, or non-profit looking to get a jump on solar energy, we’d love to help you get started.