Accelerate Solar uses IronRidge mounting hardware for residential roof and ground mount systems. We find that Ironridge produces the most robust and reliable residential racking products in the market. Their flash kits for attaching to the roof have a great design that effectively keeps your home protected against leaks. The mounting hardware we purchase is also all powder coated black to make the hardware disappear on the roof and has the best look.

For customers looking for a unique option to mount their solar system Accelerate Solar offers our proprietary Solar Canopy. We can build you a custom canopy as a standalone structure or as a covering for a porch or patio off of your home. We use bifacial glass on glass panels that allow some light through and mount it all with a gasketed aluminum channel to keep the canopy watertight. We also use specialized timbers that will not warp or crack overtime and will maintain an appealing look.

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