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remote cabin

In 1995, the Verner’s remote cabin in the wilderness was completely off the grid and was powered by propane for lights, the refrigerator, stove, and hot water.  One spring morning, a bear breaks in through the front door going for the food in the refrigerator, knocking it over, and breaking the propane line.

The cabin began to fill with propane gas and once it reached the pilot light on the stove, the entire home exploded. The cabin was completely leveled and a large fire took down many of the surrounding trees.

That same summer our CTO, David Verner, started the process of rebuilding the cabin with the help of his son, our COO, Chris Verner.  As a part of the project, the two of them installed solar and batteries to reduce the need for propane going forward.  After installing the system at their camp, several neighbors on the lake asked for help getting systems of their own.

David and Chris began installing off grid systems all over the Appalachians through the late nineties and early 2000’s.  Which became the company known as Adirondack Solar.  The company was sold in 2010 to Hudson Valley Clean Energy.  The company became Hudson Solar and was a dominant solar installation company in the northeast.  Hudson Solar was then bought by Suncommon.

solar installations

After the sale of the company Chris Verner moved to Charlotte, NC where he met CEO, Xavier Veille a fellow entrepreneur. The two of them saw the need for a solar installer for the area as there were very few at the time and prices for solar installations were high.

The two of them started Accelerate Solar in February 2012 with the goal to provide high quality low cost systems that would give the purchaser a strong return on investment at a time when many systems were overpriced due to the available incentives.

Xavier Veille and Chris Verner also started this company to build a career to last them far into the future.

Early in 2016, Patrick Wylie joined the Accelerate Solar team, bringing with him an extensive background of business experience over multiple industries. Patrick is currently Vice President of Commercial sales.

solar installations

Working hard to creatively solve problems while implementing lessons from past experience.  We utilize the empowerment of others to attain lasting success in a diverse and changing renewable energy market.

Accelerate Solar grew exponentially through residential sales doubling and tripling revenue year after year.  We  entered the commercial solar space in 2015 and since then have installed dozens of solar panel commercial projects. 

Projects, which include Kannapolis Middle School and Royal Oaks Elementary. Accelerate Solar is well equipped to handle any commercial or large scale project.

Our firms founders have over 50 years of team experience in Solar Energy and Energy Storage that started with their off grid camp in 1995.

Our company was founded with the intent to grow and last. We plan to be around to protect our customers investments and offer an industry leading 10 year warranty on the work that we do, on top of the manufacturer warranty on the equipment.

solar installations

All of our customers can have piece of mind, that no matter what the issue is, they will have someone there to take care of it for them. We guarantee our system production for the first 3 years and will cover the cost to get your system producing what we show in our contract.

We also use a third party to verify our estimated savings and cash flow analysis on our proposals.

If you decide to install solar through Accelerate Solar on your home or business, we will provide a solution tailored to your needs and installed with the highest quality craftsmanship.

We have also partnered with Elevate Roofing as it makes sense to replace the roof at the same time as installing solar to get you the longest lasting solution.

residential solar projects

On residential projects, we take the extra time to hide conduit, reroute vent pipes, and use flashed junction boxes to bring your conduit through the attic.  We install all black hardware & solar panels.  We also provide monitoring on your system.

On commercial installations, we ensure OSHA compliance and make use of all of the best safety practices. We protect your roof with slip sheets, use ballast mount arrays to eliminate penetrations for flat roofs, and to maintain your roof warranty.

We hope to get the opportunity to work with you and become your solar partner!

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