Is My Home Solar Ready?

As long as your home has a southern oriented roof free from heavy shading it is a prime candidate for solar.

East/west facing roofs

East/west facing roofs can work as well especially if they have a shallow pitch (under 25 degrees)

If roof space is not available a ground mount or canopy can be installed if you have an open area on your property for such a structure.

Full System Monitoring

Full System Monitoring

Monitor your real-time system performance from the palm of your hand. Accessible for free, anytime, anywhere, from your computer or mobile device.

Smarter Systems Make More Energy

Install Power Optimizer to maximize production from each solar panel by eliminating power losses that can be caused by soiling, shading, or snow. More power = more revenue for faster system payback and lower electricity bills.

Making Solar Systems Better Looking

With more aesthetic rooftops Accelerate Solar enables optimal rooftop utilization, resulting in more modules on the roof for more energy and more savings.

Long-Term Warranties

Accelerate Solar panel equipment are built for lasting performance. Protect your investment with warranties amongst the longest in the industry: 25 years for solar power optimizers and 12 years for solar power inverters (extendable warranties available for an additional cost).

Advanced Safety

Solar panel installation provides peace of mind with built-in safety features compliant with the most advanced safety standards, for maximum protection of people and property.

Future-Proofed Solutions

Put a down payment on your future with Accelerate Solar. Enjoy easy upgrades to battery storage, EV charging, and other cutting-edge smart energy capabilities.

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