Solar Installation Process

Solar Installation Process

Solar Installation Process

HOA approval process – generally takes up to 30 days.

Only when we have the HOA approval can we make the request for the county building permit. Included in this application packet is the electrical one-line electrical diagram, the structural engineering letter, and the HOA approval.

County approval can then take up to two weeks.

When we have the county permit number, we will be calling you to schedule the install. A residential install takes about one day per 5kW of system capacity barring weather delays. In some homes complex home wiring or conduit runs can add a day or two to the installation.

Once installation is completed, we will contact the county to schedule the inspection. This scheduling falls on the timeline of the county inspectors themselves and can take a week or more.

The county then has the sole responsibility to forward the results to your utility company once the inspection is marked as passed.

After the utility company processes the results, they will issue your Permission to Operate, and will install their meter.

Once you have a meter, you will receive information on how to turn on the panels and start saving money!

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