Steps to Designing My System

Steps to Designing My System

  • You will need to provide your name, contact information, and physical address of property location.
  • We will need your kilowatt usage history or electric bills.
  • Array team creates a solar array design based on latest imagery provided from Nearmaps in Helioscope that utilizes weather history to maximize production based on orientation, potential shading factors, and aesthetic appeal.
  • Once design is generated, the Array team uploads production data into Energy Toolbase financial analysis software to estimate future financial gains and generate proposals for you.
  • Once proposal is created, it is presented to you and financial options are discussed; as well as any customer requests for layout changes or future growth options.

Cost Saving Maintenance

Solar Cost Saving Maintenance
  • If any problem arises the monitoring platform will alert us and manufacturer will immediately send out replacement part.
  • Free module-level monitoring for system lifetime
  • Full control of your assets
  • Module-level performance monitoring and remote maintenance lead to:
    • Less trips to your home and less time spent on site
    • Higher system uptime
    • Complete system status on your mobile device

Secure Your Investment

Low cost solar inverter
  • Low cost solar inverter replacement out of warranty
  • Future solar panel compatibility (replacement and extension)
  • New solar panels can be utilized in the same string with old ones

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