Type: Residential Electric

Great experience

Best installation,
customer service, and quality!!!

Chao Zhang

I purchased a 6kW solar system from Accelerate Solar in 2016. The system works very well, I only need to pay the network connection fee since the system starts working plus get a check once a year from Duke for surplus electricity. Recently, my roof got leaking, I called Accelerate Solar, they quickly sent staff coming to fix the leaking and then they sent contractor Joe painting the ceiling for me. I am quite satisfied with their products, repairing job and thank them for being responsive for their customers. Therefore, I would like to recommend Accelerate Solar.

Type: Residential Electric

These guys are the best!

Chris and his guys at Accelerate Solar installed a solar power system on our house in NC three and a half years ago. They also installed a Sunbandit water heater at the same time. They were very knowledgeable and professional explaining things every step of the way. This job was completed ahead of schedule. We have contacted them with questions and thsy always sound genuinely happy to hear from us. Last week my water heater stopped working. I called Chris and he sent someone out to check it out that day and DID NOT CHARGE ME FOR THE SERVICE CALL. I’m telling you these guys are the best!.

David Lando

I purchased a system from Accelerate Solar almost three years ago. Since day one the team has been very good to work with. Like with anything in life things break and the team has always been responsive to address any problems that have occurred even when squirrels decided they wanted to complicate the situation. I would strongly recommend Accelerate Solar if you are considering going solar. The can help you navigate your options and advise you on the best approach.




This company is professional and did an amazing job for us. Everything was done top notch and we couldnt be happier with our system and the process. Thank you Accelerate Solar!!!…

yazan humaideh

Attached is the comments from the HVAC company that came to look at why my HVAC system stopped working, and come to fine out that Accelerate Solar altered with the certain pipes that are connected to my HVAC system to fit an extra panel without asking me for permission, and installed their own pipes incorrectly which exposed my family and I to breathe carbon monoxide in our house, and when I contacted them concerning the issue, I receive an email for their in-house attorney saying that they did nothing wrong, but however they are willing to come and do “remediation work” and install an attic fan in case I ever have carbon monoxide in my house again. No one is perfect and people make mistakes, but a mistake that nearly killed my family, I would expect a little more sincerity and a genuine apology rather than “we did nothing wrong”. I would highly recommend staying away from company like this.

Johnny Morrison

The sales associate, that knocked on my door worked with me throughout the process. The time table was meet from start to finish. The price was very competitive and I am buying the system for less than my electric company charged me per month. The system is preforming extremely well. The fact that I own the system is very comforting knowing that energy prices are continuing to sky rocket.

Mike Ihrie

Type: Residential Electric

Excellent Service and Attention

To this point Accelerate Solar (project leader Chris Verner and his team) have shown excellent knowledge of the entire process from initial consult to the install and now getting the finished product up and running. I would recommend them to anyone who was interested in any type of solar electric system….

Holly Griffith

Professional from start to finish. Dana and Justin helped me to understand the process with patience and were very courteous. They made me very comfortable the entire time. I highly recommend their product and service and am VERY happy with my savings!

Type: Residential Electric

Outstanding Service and Great Price

I can only give my enthusiastic endorsement to Accelerate Solar and their dedicated team. They have been extremely responsive to my needs, questions, and concerns and they have been nothing but outstanding to work with. We plan on building a garage on our existing home in the future and we will definitely be contacting Accelerate Solar to add additional panels to that structure when the time comes….

Jack Dup

The process was simple and informative! The consultant was not a salesman! He explained the benefits and helped me make the best decision for my situation. We saved over 65% using tax credits and an actual check from Santee Cooper for $7800!!!! Couldn’t be happier and have referred everyone we know that owns a home in South Carolina.

Daryll Williamson

I recently took my drone out at my neighbors home and saw an amazing looking install and proceeded to ask my neighbor who had installed it. When they said Accelerate Solar I had to give them 5 stars!

Septemba Twntysvnth

Best decision I’ve ever made. Not only to go Solar! But to go with Accelerate Solar. Chris And the team made the whole process easy and flawless. Thanks again guys!

Paul Drucker

Their customer service is excellent. I called with a problem and it was fixed that day by an excellent technician named Lenando. I would recommend this company for solar power needs to anyone.

Kenneth Retus

Beyond unprofessional. Accelerate solar was the contractor installing 13 of jobs for me personally that were contracted to them by my former employer (They were contracted for more but cannot speak to the other installations), and there was not one installation that was handled correctly. So my review is not one based on an isolated incident. The fact that their reviews arent lower is very perplexing to me. Here are some real life, true examples of their work:

-Installers showed up to several jobs without a ladder. I’ll let that sink in. In one instance they went into the clients garage and borrowed a ladder without permission.

-Terrible communication. Several times they did not show up on the correct date/time without reaching out to the client.

-Frequently showed up late. Even when the job was their first job of the day.

-Has changed the array (location of panels) without clearing it up with the client on multiple occasions. Had one contractor that was trying to get the client to use a different panel that would have nullified the warranty without the clients knowledge.

– In more than one occasion they left trash and unused equipment all over the clients property. My client sent me a picture of an inverter stuck in a tree.

– One of the installers contacted my clients on their cell phone weeks after their installation and informed the client that they had to come and take the equipment down as it was not installed to code. After calling Accelerate, I was told that no one was authorized to do so and they were unaware of the conversation.

-Caused significant roof damage to one of my clients. The only reason they repaired it is because the client called me to complain (rightfully so). No word was mentioned to my client regarding the damage or plans to fix it even though the installers knew about the damage. They only acknowledged the damage and fixed the problem after they were called out.

– Another client had leaks in several different places in their attic only 2 weeks after the installation.

-Had multiple installations fail city/county inspection. This delayed their ability to turn on their system by weeks, sometimes months.

After posting a one star review about a week ago (which is very accurate) they refused to install any more jobs through my ex employer until my review was changed. However i decided to come on and leave some specific examples of their ineptitude as I feel consumers have a right to know. Investing in solar is a big investment and you should research who you do business with.

Jenna F

Fantastic job! Placed solar on my house on wheels. They were professional, got it done in only a few hours, and at an amazing price!!! Could not be happier with their work!

Randy Robinson

Always late on installs or don’t show up at all. Not very dependable.

Dan Whitehouse

Lirby and Xaveille are very easy to conduct business with.


Xavielle and his crew came out and did a fantastic job. I had a ton of questions and they took the time to answer each one of them to make sure I felt more than just comfortable but excited about getting panels. I’m definitely into doing what I can to reduce pollution, etc but I’m really down with saving money. A $30k system for $10k when I get my tax return is just awesome. That’s not even mentioning the value that this system adds to my property value. Thanks again for doing such a great job.

KC Rippy

Amazing company. They helped me set up with a Solar system that saves me money. The team was professional and did great work.

David Carey

On 2/28/16 we spoke with a representative at the Southern Spring Home and Garden Show who, at first, seemed very pleasant and eager to speak with us. As someone with a technical background and a general interest in green technology, I was also eager to see what Accelerate Solar had to offer. However, after learning that I did not own the home I currently live in he changed his attitude very abruptly. He because quite rude and very dismissive, making it very obvious he did not think we were worth his time. I tried to continue the conversation as the representative repeatedly turned away and made his disinterest very clear. There were no others at the booth, so it’s not like I was distracting him from anything. Overall, I was very dissatisfied at how my inquiries were received. I will not be contacting Accelerate Solar for any information in the future and will recommend against them whenever the topic of solar equipment comes up.

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