Solar Roof Jack

The Solar Roof Jack is USA made product that is increasingly being used by large brand name companies installers and manufacturers across the nation.

It allows for a new design concept which encourages installers to place solar panels on top of ABS plumbing pipes instead of building around them, A more efficient way to utilize more roof space.

It allows for more power generation, the opportunity to sell more panels, and more aesthetically pleasing designs your customers will love.

Solar Roof Jack Installation

Solar Roof Jack Installation

Existing shingles can be removed carefully to avoid roof damage. Existing pipe should be cut down to allow the pipe to enter the Solar Roof Jack gasket approx 1.5 inches or about halfway. This will insure proper air flow as cutting it to high can close off the plumbing systems airflow Pipe can be checked by looking inside exit hole to verify.
The straight pipe should be applied in a manner consistent with plumbing codes in your area it can be applied with supports as shown on the above pictures or it can be attached to the solar rails

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